Are soy candles really “soot free”?

Now, you may have read or heard other candle manufacturers claim that their all natural wax candles are “Soot Free”. This is a big misconception. No candle can be “soot free”, but natural wax candles do have less soot.

The only way a candle can be soot free is if the flame is completely blue (ie: propane torch), meaning there is 100% combustion. Unlike other soy candle manufacturers, we are not going to guarantee that our soybean wax is soot-free. To make a claim such as that would be misleading, and no wax can make that claim.

While soy wax its-self is all-natural and will not produce the thick black soot that you see on paraffin containers, it does produce soot – – a lighter, white soot!  Anytime you have a flame and combustion you may have soot and anytime you add synthetics such as fragrance oils and dyes, you will have soot. Additionally, using too large of a wick or the incorrect wick can produce soot as well. Poor performing candles can create more fine particulate — like in smog — than diesel buses on a downtown street.

Soot can be a “white soot” that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Soy wax will produce little black soot—you will not see that thick black ring on the jars, nor will it do the black soot damage to homes, but it may produce white soot. No other manufacturer will tell you that.

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