How Do You Spell Pure Luxury? Aromatherapy Soy Candle!

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  • February 25, 2012 5:19 pm
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Have you ever noticed how the simplest ingredients sometimes make the best products? This is certainly true for the luxurious and aromatic soy candle. If you’re not yet familiar with soy candles, you’ll be interested to know that they’re made from soybean oil, an environmentally friendly ingredient; creating a candle far superior to the traditional paraffin or petroleum-based candles we all grew up with.

Soy candles never leave that characteristic black soot behind and, when combined with a 100% natural cotton wick, you truly have a ‘green’ candle lighting up your home. Your purchase benefits American farmers as well as our economy. Since soy candles don’t contain paraffin or petroleum, the process of making this type of candle uses less of our precious natural resources, reduces our dependence on foreign oil, and uses biodegradable soybean wax. And because soybean wax is a renewable resource, farmers benefit as well. Isn’t it good to know that your soy candle purchase is good for you today and good for the earth tomorrow?

But the benefits of soy candles don’t stop there. Aside from infusing your home with delicious, natural scents, soy candles burn longer and more uniformly at lower temperatures, meaning you can count on a deeply flavorable scent that lingers for hours, unlike less well-made candles that initially convince your nose of their scent, but do nothing to infuse your room with true fragrance.

Soy candles are also less toxic than traditional candles, and offer extremely easy cleanup if hot wax should accidentally spill from the candle onto home furnishings. If you’ve ever spent time frustratingly trying to remove cold melted wax from furnishings and carpeting, you’ll appreciate the water-soluble qualities of soy and the easy cleanup with nothing more than a little soap and water.

But the real drama and value of soy candles becomes obvious in their ability to easily and affordably set the mood of your living space, from dramatic to relaxing to invigorating. The warm, flickering glow of a soy candle and the wide variety of enticing aromas is the perfect complement to relaxing days at home or rousing celebrations with family and friends. And if you need a truly unique and unexpected gift, soy candles and their accessories are a thoughtful way to convey your special message.

In fact, regardless of your favorite type of candle…from votives to jar candles to the latest fragrance trends…candles can always be depended on to add just the right ambience to every occasion. If you already make a regular habit of including luxurious soy or other types of candles in your home decoration, or if you’re just beginning to enjoy today’s sensuous, luxurious candles, we can tell you from experience that it’s a beautiful habit you’ll never want to outgrow. And once you see how easy and safe it is to select and order your candles online any hour of the
day or night, including guaranteed delivery straight to your door, you’ll be hooked.

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