Candle Threads®

Handmade, hand poured soy candles made in New England. Environmentally friendly, healthy alternative to traditional paraffin candles.

Candle Threads®

Full Description

Candle Threads® began its journey around 2002, when I was looking for something to fill my time in addition to being a stay at home mom. It began as a hobby where I focused mostly on making blankets and quilts. As I became better at quilting, I started to craft handmade primitives and other décor items. I enjoyed the satisfaction that came with creating something with my own two hands and sharing that with my family and friends.
Then one day in 2009, I began thinking about candles. I wanted to add something different to my ‘hobby list’, but something still made by hand. I began experimenting with making my own candles and looked at soy because it’s all natural. I learned about the benefits of soy, how clean they were to burn in my home, and the low environmental impacts. I hand-painted the jars to add my signature touch and have continued to do that to this day! To my surprise, my family and friends started asking me to make candles for them!
The feedback was so positive, that I decided to start my own business, Candle Threads®!


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