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Druthers Emporium

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Use it on your skin to enrich, heal and invigorate! Use as a 100% natural soy treatment to nourish, moisturize and treat your skin and cuticles. Small amounts of the warmed soy wax can be directly massaged into the skin, leaving skin, hands, and feet smooth, soft and pleasantly scented. They are better for the indoors because they do not pollute the air. Soy wax also burns cooler than paraffin which lessens the risk of serious burns from melted wax. These candles are dye-free, with cotton wicks. Be a green consumer with your purchase of Balancing Soul Soy Candles or Solay Soy Candles. We put a real soybean in the top of every Balancing Soul soy candle to remind you that it is made of Pure Soybean Wax!


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