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Glaize Creek Soy Candle Company

Glaize Creek Soy Candle Company

Full Description

Glaize Creek Soy Candles and Glaize Creek Bath & Body evolved into what it is today because of a desire by my husband and I to create wonderful and luxurious products and bring them to market without over-inflating the prices.

Back in 2004, I was on a business trip to Iowa, at which time I was first introduced to candles made from soy wax. Being the candle fanatic that I am, naturally I was intrigued by the superior qualities that soy has over the industry standard, paraffin (petroleum derived) wax. Using a natural wax like soy has proven to be a cleaner alternative to the toxins and soot produced by paraffin. As a bonus, soy is a renewable resource so it not only supports the American farmer, but it is better for the earth.

Taking all these benefits into consideration, my husband, Mike, and I decided to experiment with different formulas to create a soy candle for our own personal use. After many attempts and failures, we finally created a long lasting, clean burning and wonderfully scented candle.

We also decided to take what we learned about the wonderful benefits soy has with candles and research what benefits it has in personal care products. Soybeans are truly an amazing little seed with many health benefits such as vitamin E (an antioxidant), omega 3 fatty acids (necessary for healthy cells), isoflavins (which help lower risk for disease) and phytic acid (an antioxidant). We also researched the benefits from other natural oils, such as jojoba seed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and sweet almond oil. Armed with this knowledge, we developed our luxurious line of bath and body products.

Naturally, these wonderful candles and personal care products were shared with loved ones and after much encouragement from family and friends, we decided to go to market. Glaize Creek Soy Candle Company and Glaize Creek Bath & Body was born.

The company is named after Glaize Creek, a natural waterway near our home. Glaize Creek is a beautiful creek that feeds the mighty Mississippi River.

We are very proud of our products and I think the pride shows in the products we have to offer. We strive for quality and above all, cleanliness. We are now making our products in our brand new, completely dedicated facility. By choosing quality ingredients and not skimping on “the good stuff”, we are able to provide a product that rivals the best out there. Give us a try, you wont be disappointed.


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